Japan Time

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Eating...one of my favorite pastimes.

On Tuesday night, I met up with some girls from work at a restaurant near the school. They had nabe, but I had already ate at home, so I just hung out and enjoyed the company.

(Jen and Miho enjoying some nabe)

And yesterday night, we went to the Gato Rojo - a Mexican restaurant about a 15 minute walk from my apartment. Everything is 500 yen (about $5). I was so happy to have some Mexican food - we had such a hard time finding some when we were in Japan in 2005. It was great to spend some time with some of my co-workers. AND, they play classic rock - incredible. This might be my new favorite restaurant.

me, Yusaku, Hiromi, Jen, and Miho


Anonymous said...

Haha, nice pictures of you guys at the Mexican place, looks like you're already enjoying yourself!

Kris Locker said...

how was the food? any good?