Japan Time

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The past few days...in pictures.

One of my students was in a concert with her university's band in Kusanagi (about six train stops away) on Sunday, so myself and three of co-workers went out to support her:

The University of Shizuoka


Yusaku, Kengo, and me

After the concert, me, Hiromi, and Kengo stopped in Shizuoka so I could buy some Hershey's Kisses (for more peanut butter cookies with Hershey's Kisses on top), grab some dinner at a great Indian restaurant that Jen took me to when I first got to Fujieda, and enjoy some coffee at Tully's. In Shizuoka, we stumbled across a beautiful hotel with an awesome backyard for weddings. It had a small pond, a bridge, and some little walkways and such:

Then, yesterday, I had some fun with trains around Fuijeda:

And today was the emperor's birthday, so I had the day off of work. My school's manager hosted a nabe party:

(Winnie the Pooh fish paste - thankfully, this wasn't included in the nabe)
(yes, I am rocking the peace sign in this photo - that's fine)
My toaster oven cookies were a hit - I also made sugar cookies this time:

AND when I got home tonight, I made banana bread:
I seriously might forgo becoming a photojournalist to pursue a career in toaster oven baking. I think I have found my true calling.
And, as always, see more photos here, at my fantabulous Flickr page.


Wendy said...

Amazing! If you decide to become a toaster oven chef, I will buy your book. Plus you could start a TV show or something and become famous...yess...I'm seeing it all now!!

Kori said...

Ok first of all... Winnie the Pooh fish paste? What the heck??? That is just... wrong. So wrong. What IS fish paste excatly? Never mind, don't wanna know. Secondly, your pictures are amazing, and it looks soooo beautiful there!!! What a beautiful country you're living in! I love the train picture, too. Very cool! Hope you're having fun and settling in and not to homesick and all that. We miss you! Send some Winnie the Pooh fish paste my way... not!