Japan Time

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

"dare to show the darkest days that even when it's raining, you know where it's daytime..."

When I came to Japan in 2005, it was at the three week period in my semester stay that homesickness hit me and my fellow Americans. It hit us hard. I think it was at that point that reality set in - this was not a vacation, this was our life for the rest of the semester.
As I was preparing for my second (longer) stay in Japan, I figured that this time around, the homesickness would hit me at three months.

I was right.

Today I teared up mulitple times at work, frustrated with the language barrier and the fast pace of my job, with all that is required of me and all that I still don't know how to do.
I miss the States. And my friends. American food. The studio. My old apartment. My Jeep. Not needing a translator everywhere I go (including work).

Yep. Homesickness has definitely set in. The three month slump is upon me.

So, I'm keeping busy. I bought a chair and bookshelf for my little apartment and rearranged things:

I am watching one of my and Dave's favorite shows, Mystery Science Theater 3000. We used to watch it whenever we caught it on Comedy Central. Here is the best of three episodes I've watched recently, Prince of Space (which is a Japanese movie), Night of the Blood Beast, and Space Mutiny:

"A rare Godzilla-free day."

So, that's that. Homesickness. A part of the experience...but it still sucks.


Louana said...

It will pass, just keep that in mind! But yeah, now it's tough... I feel for you!
By the way I absolutely love your photo-wall!

Kori said...

Hey Bri, I'm sorry the homesickness has hit. We all miss you too! Your apartment looks great, i love the chair. And the wall of photos! I will definately think of you while we're in Chicago, and I'll see about the cheesecake, lol. That MST3K was hillarious! "Steve?" Love you! Hang in there and remember that God is with you and He has you there for an awesome reason!

Misty said...

I'll definitely be praying for ya Bri! I have not been gone nearly as long as you but I remember the home sickness setting in when I was in Hong Kong. All I wanted to do was cry and eat McDonald's fries, I refrained from the latter which is probably wise haha. You will definitely pull through this you are strong.

aedonjosef said...

Boo Ree Anna San! I apologize for the well overdue communication! It seems our lives are more kindred than I realized. I finally attained a job in the desolate economy that is Michigan. I now work at Boyne Highlands Ski and Golf Resort as one of their Book-Keepers. It is not the most exciting job, but definetely pays surprisingly well. Now the kindred part, I am living just below the U.P., 3 hours from everyone and everything I know to be sacred (Not exactly the same distance, but the same metaphorical distance). You will be glad to hear that I have a savings account especially for a trip to Japan. I hope things brighten up for you very soon, I miss you like crazy, and I am also planningon purchasing a MacBook so we can iChat too! Love you

Laura said...

Hey Bri!!
I am sorry you are homesick!! Please know that I am praying for you and miss you here in the States. I love you. :) *hug*

Your apartment is super cute. I wish I had your design sense. I love the photos (even found one of the us on there) and how nice you have se t everything. How do you make everyone who enters your door feel so at home?

The Other Wook said...

Hey old friend. I catch up on your blog ever so often, so I'm always a little behind. Sorry you're missing home, I'll be praying for you. You are truely one of the emotionally strongest people I know (no joke). Luckily you have Big Boy to keep you company, I see... haha. I was at the Big Boy in Jackson just last night. Awesome that you can see Mt. Fuji! That just sounds like the coolest thing! Anyway, I think of you every time I see robots or hear aerosmith. I hope you're doing well, Take care Bri.