Japan Time

Friday, January 23, 2009

"Mawidge...mawidge is what brings us together today. That bwessed awangement - that dweam within a dweam."

At work today, somehow everything came back to marriage:

Second Lesson of the Day: Giving suggestions (you could..., why don't you..., etc.)
Task: I read a goal from my Teacher's Guide and the student had to respond with a suggestion.

Me: I want to retire at 50.
Male student: You should get married.

His explanation (pretty much verbatim): In Japan, when a woman gets married, she quits work and stays at home.

Third Lesson of the Day: Summarizing an article (this is a fairly advanced conversation class)
Task: Find an article and write a summary. Present the summary in class.

Male Student (with two kids and a third on the way): (gives summary of an article about "house husbands" in Tokyo - men who do 70 minutes of housework everyday)
Me: So, do you do housework at home?
Male Student: No.
Me and Female Student: No?!
Female Student: Do you wash the dishes?
Male Student: Well, I bought a dishwasher...

Let's just say that both my students AND I learned a lot today.


Ayoub said...


Mawidge... :P

It sounds like you're enjoying yourself :D

Kori said...

Haha! That's fun. :-)

Kris Locker said...

why is marriage everywhere we singles turn. I love you.