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Monday, July 20, 2009

Another fun SAU visit!

This weekend I got to host some more SAU students who are spending the summer in Chiba as part of the same semester I did three years ago. Mike, Krista, and Sarah took the bus from Tokyo to Shizuoka on Saturday and stayed until Monday evening. We had an action packed weekend!
On Sunday we went to church and then on a Mt. Fuji hunt. Since they live in Chiba, they hadn't seen Mt. Fuji yet, so we drove to the waterfall I took the other SAU students to. Michiko, Kenichi, and Mike, a teacher in Shimizu, came, too.
We had much better luck seeing Mt. Fuji this time around and could spy it right away in the parking lot of the waterfall:

There was a lot of Japanese food to be found at the waterfall, like grilled fish on a stick:

And squid, oysters, and octopus on a stick, too:
During the drive home, there was a rainbow near Mt. Fuji after a little bit of rain:
See it? Mt. Fuji on the left and the rainbow on the right.
And a really beautiful sunset over some other, not-Mt. Fuji mountains:

Then, karaoke:

Today, we headed to Mochimune Beach (where I went last weekend). The sky wasn't very blue this time around, but the scenery was still beautiful and we had fun:


I had so much fun hosting Mike, Krista, and Sarah and showing them around Shizuoka prefecture. They have about three weeks left in Japan before they head back to the States, so I hope their last few weeks here are memorable and they have a safe trip back home!

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Wendy said...

What fun having SAU folks visit! Not too long ago you were one of them!