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Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy Fourth of July from Japan!

Well, my Fourth of July in Japan was pretty different than back home. I worked as usual - a few of my students remembered that it was Independence Day and were sure to wish me a happy holiday, which was really sweet.
Remember the really loud political shouting vans that I saw in Shizuoka? Well, unfortunately, today they made their way to Fujieda and parked themselves right at the station - which is across the street from my school. Needless to say, it was quite loud during my lunch break, but luckily they only stayed for about an hour. Here's a little sample of the ruckus:

After work, I went out with some co-workers to an izakaya for some drinks and such. Of course, the food was much different than the hot dogs, hamburgers, and other American food I would have had back home:

The video quality isn't great, so here's a better shot of the little fish - these were our appetizers:

Edamame, which has become one of my favorite things to get at izakayas here.

Chicken wings and fries, actually not so different than American food...but then it gets a little weirder:

Chicken skin, gizzard, and tail.

"Chicken paste" as it translates from Japanese. And raw egg to dip it in.

Cabbage, chicken, peppers, bean sprouts, and onion. Not too bad.

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