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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

An adventure not too far from home.

Today I had the day of off work because of Culture Day and I went on a little adventure with Kathi, a really cool woman from church. We are both beach people, so we decided to head toward the ocean, and made a few leisurely stops for photos along the way.

Winter is coming, which means a much clearer view of Mt. Fuji (the summer is usually too hazy to see it).

This view of Fuji-san is from Mt. Fuji Shizuoka Airport, a new airport that was just completed this summer. And since it seems that people in Japan love any opportunity for touristy-type things, the airport today was filled with tourists. Just tourists. No travelers. People anxious to see the new attraction, even if it is just an airport...

...like these people admiring the view of Fuji-san from the observation deck. Although, I guess I don't have much room to talk, since I was also at the airport today with no intention of flying anywhere, just to see what the new airport looked like. Sigh.

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Misty said...

Love the pictures! How are you doing?