Japan Time

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

My Thanksgiving was pretty much a typical day - I got up at little earlier than usual to meet Aya at the bike shop (my bike got a piece of bungee cord stuck in the chain...one of the joys of being confined to bike riding instead of driving) and we got some coffee and went to the library after that. They just built a libary here in the spring and it has an English section, which is really great. We headed to work after that and it was another crazy day as usual. One of my co-teachers has swine flu (yikes!) - she'll be fine, but she's taking the week off to recover...AND Miho is on her honeymoon in Hawaii! So, needless to say, we are short two staff members and BUSY.
After we finished work, Aya and I headed to an izakaya to celebrate Thanksgiving. But with no turkey to be found in Japan, we had to settle for some Japanese food instead:

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone back home! Miss you much!


pamjean48818 said...

you have turkey (in a can):)

Louana said...

Haha thanks for showing us your Thanksgiving dinner!

pamjean48818 said...

Happy December! It is snowing * a little * ^