Japan Time

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A great gift!

One of the great things about my co-workers is that they all know about my love of Mameshiba, so throughout the day I often get little Mameshibas drawn on notes from co-workers or the occasional Mameshiba gift that they saw at the store.
Today I came to work and found five Mameshibas on my desk from my manager:

She saw them at 7-11 and picked them up for me. Not only are they cute, but snacks, too. Peanuts, chocolate, some kind of dried bean, spicy dried beans, and candy coated peanuts. Whoo hoo!


Louana said...

Very cool!

Yumi Koizumi said...

Hi ! I wanted to buy the same ones and I went to a supermarket but I couldn't find any.I'd like to send some for my nephew in France.
Do you know where I can buy them ?

yumi koizumi said...

Hi again
As I kept reading, I found that I can get it at seven eleven. Now I'll go there tomorrow.I'm sorry to bother you.How careless of me !
Enjoy your snack!

pamjean48818 said...

Kyle wants some of those. He hasn't seen your blog lately...but i'm sure he will like them.

Dan J said...

OMG! I love mameshiba TOO! Their vids are SO cute. I was gonna buy the keyring at Loft on Sat but the green ones were all sold out. They are hilarious!