Japan Time

Sunday, January 31, 2010

"working 1 to 10, what a way to make a living..."

Well, January has been flying by with not much to post about. I've been working like crazy as usual and relaxing on the weekends with friends or solo.
A student gave me an old film camera he wasn't using anymore (how awesome of him was that?), so tomorrow I'm hoping to get a battery for it and see if I can remember how to use non-digital equipment.
And, of course, there's purikura to brighten up the day. I'm on a mission to fill up a little photo album with purikura to eventually take back to the States, so I've been dragging along anyone willing (mostly Aya, she's such a trooper) to participate in some purikura goodness:

Seriously. I'm going to buy a purikura machine and somehow take it back to America with me.

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pamjean48818 said...

so cute! like digital scrapbooking!