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Monday, March 8, 2010

A day of being a photographer again.

I miss taking photos. I try to take photos regularly here in Japan, but work is so busy and the hours make it difficult to go out and shoot. Even though teaching English is a lot of fun, I miss holding a camera every day.
I also miss the random photo shoots I used to do with my friends in the States. I was always anxious to practice my photography on willing models, and I just happen to have incredibly beautiful friends, so every few weeks or so, I would drag my friends to the studio or outside for some photos. Some of my best shots have come from those shoots and I'm a better photographer because of them.
So, today I convinced my dear friend, the very lovely Aya, to brave the cold and be my model in Mochimune, a beach town two stops away from Fujieda. I'm so thankful she agreed, not only because she's a great person to shoot, but also because I was able to relieve the photography itch I've been feeling lately!

Model and photographer.

Then purikura of course! So both of us could be models.

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Amanda McLeod Photography said...

Beautiful shots! :) My favorites being: 2, 4, and the trio of similar pictures!