Japan Time

Friday, October 3, 2008

Even though I won't be walking to Japan...that probably wouldn't work out so well anyway.

I saw an incredible documentary film last night at the Hell's Half Mile Film Fest in Bay City. It was called "More Shoes" and it was written by Lee Kazimir. In it, Kazimir takes some advice from his favorite film maker literally and walks on foot 5,000 miles from Madrid to Kiev. He encounters many different people and experiences along the way. And at the end, he realizes that it wasn't the movie he was making that was the most important. It was the relationships he built and the small wonders he saw.
As I watched it, I saw a lot of myself and my time in Japan in it. Lately I've been feeling stressed as my departure date gets closer; I'm busy worrying about cancelling this and paying for that and training my replacement and oh-my-gosh-am-I-really-ready-for-this-did-I-get-myself-in-too-deep.
But seeing Kazimir discover the kindness of complete strangers and the beauty in the little things reminded me of my love for Japan.
It made me thankful, not stressed, to go back.

If you get the chance, watch "More Shoes." You might be inspired to go on an adventure.

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