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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Golden Week - Wisteria Festival.

On Sunday I met up with Hiromi to catch up on life. She had just returned from a trip to England so we had a lot of stories to tell about our respective trips. We went to Rengeji where there was a wisteria festival happening. Since Children's Day is during Golden Week, there were many carp flags flying in the park, along with many people walking around and lots of wisteria, of course.

Lotus flowers are finally blooming - I've been waiting to see them.

Hiromi and I also exchanged Starbursts - hers from England (with black current flavor) and my Starburst jelly beans and candy from the package my mom sent.

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Hiromi said...

Even though blackcurrant is one of my fav starburst flavours, I still prefer the American cherry flavoured starburst! They are really brill!! I'd buy a year supply of just the cherry ones if I could.