Japan Time

Saturday, June 6, 2009


I've gotten some pretty sweet awesome gifts this week, which is great, because I've been really busy and more than a little stressed at work...but these gifts have really brightened my spirits!

I got a traditional green tea pot and some green tea from one of my private lesson students. She is a master of the Japanese tea ceremony, so she's pretty much the best person to give anything green tea related!

She even wrote out little instructions for me.
And today I got an incredibly awesome package from Matt and Kelly!
Full of things I've missed from home...I guess I've been in Japan (the land of smallness) too long, because the first thing I thought was, "Dang, those cookie packages are HUGE!"

Thanks, Kelly and Matt! This was the perfect thing to get on a crazy busy Saturday. You have made me a happy, happy lady!


Hiromi said...

I wish I was still in Shizuoka now! So we could bake and have a little girls' night together. That'd be so much fun, wouldn't it?

I miss hanging out with you, darl!

Anonymous said...

Nice gifts! Do you have an oven to bake those cookies?

I just used your babelfish translation function to see what your stories would look like in Dutch...

Hilarious! Overall it's not bad and I could get the gist of your stories, and sometimes the sentences are even grammatically correct, although extremely formal.

Yet most of the time it's just weird and very funny. Your friend Kelly is a hat, squid is Aya's big ventilator, and at the park you ate donuts and tofu people.