Japan Time

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I have really great friends.

I got a wonderful package from my friend Laura today:

The very same Laura who had open heart surgery on Friday.
Before she had open heart surgery, she was sure to send me a package of American things I miss.
How incredible is that?

Thanks, Laura! (by the way, I talked to her mom yesterday and word is that Laura's recovering nicely)


Stephanie said...

Hey Brianna! I hope you're doing great!

jilas2 said...

I miss you face.

Laura Pelz said...

Sorry there was no note...and half a bag of wintergreen candies. But, I was in a rush to get it out that day. Enjoy the shells and cheese!
I am sorry I missed your call. My mom said you called. I am was of it, and very sorry I missed hearing your voice.
On a weird note, your mom goes to the same church and your bros go to the same school as one of my close family friends. Glenda Thompson mentioned you and your mom. It was a very "small world" experience.