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Sunday, June 28, 2009

A night of good fun and crazy Japanese photo booths!

Tonight I had a lot of fun with another teacher at school, Aya. Aya lived in the States for about three years and is one of our newer teachers. There's a yakiniku (Japanese barbeque) across the road from my apartment that I've been wanting to try, so we decided to go there. It was soooo good - I love yakiniku! We had shrimp, beef, sausage...and cow tongue. It wasn't too bad!

After dinner, we decided to partake in one of Japanese greatest inventions: purikura. "Purikura" is the Japanese pronunciation of "print club" and basically it's a super high tech photo booth.

purikura booths in an arcade in Fujieda

First, we paid only 400 yen ($4) and stepped into the photo booth, which was big enough for about four people. And then, the fun began:

After we finished being supermodels, we got to add all kinds of "kawaii!" (cute) decorations to our photos, very Japanese-y stuff like hearts and big creepy anime eyes. We also sent the photos to our phones with the Japanese version of bluetooth. You have to love technology!

And finally, we got some prints to show off to our friends:

Here are some examples of the final products:

Um, yeah.


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