Japan Time

Monday, September 7, 2009

Enjoying the last days of summer...although, Shizuoka is much warmer than Michigan, so I have more days left than usual.

Today I went to the beach after my Japanese lesson...I know you're not surprised. September weather is proving to be perfect here in Shizuoka - not too hot and not nearly as humid as a month ago.
Because summer is so humid and hazy here, I haven't seen Mt. Fuji in a long time. But today, I glimpsed it from the station:

The beach was pretty much empty, which was a little inconceivable (public places are rarely empty in Japan - usually just the opposite), so I had it mostly all to myself.

Another look at Mt. Fuji on the way home:
And I made bread pudding (minus the raisins) tonight in my toaster over - it turned out really nice:

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Dan J said...

OMG bread pudding... so jealous.