Japan Time

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Nozomi and Chris (and my temporary comeback as a wedding photographer).

This past weekend, I went to Kanazawa to photograph Chris and Nozomi's wedding. I was a little nervous because it's been over a year since I photographed a wedding and I was worried I would be a little out of practice! But everything went really well, and it definitely didn't hurt that Chris and Nozomi are a fun and relaxed couple.
The ceremony was held in a record museum, which was very cool. After the ceremony we had a lot of time to take some photos of just the couple around and in the museum. Since the city escaped bombing during the war, a lot of Kanazawa is very historical, with beautiful temples and old Japanese streets.
The reception was really fun, with a taiko drum performance (the groom played for one song), a small piano performance by Nozomi and her piano teacher, an incredible Indian dinner catered by some friends of the couple, and a lot of sake!


Kris Locker said...

you truly have a gift my friend :)
Looks like Japan is as beautiful as i remember it being!

Misty said...

Very interesting and quite creative photos Bri! Looks like it was quite a fun wedding!

Kori said...

Beautiful photos! You need to come home after my baby gets here so you can take some pictures of my boys! Miss you!