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Monday, October 26, 2009

Birthday Party!

On Sunday I celebrated my 24th year on earth with a party. I decided to have it at the Ale House, an English pub-like bar that one of our students owns. Lots of friends, co-workers, and student came and it was a good time.

me and my co-workers in from of the Ale House

Not only was the party great, but I got some wonderful presents, too, like some beautiful chopsticks, Mameshiba memorabilia, gloves and some homemade scones (from the Ale House - I always order a scone when I go there).
It was great celebrating my birthday in Japan with the incredible people I've met and befriended over the past year!


Kori said...

Happy Birthday, Bri! We were sitting in church yesterday and I saw the date up on the screen, I leaned over to my mom and went, "Mom, it's Bri's birthday!" We were thinking of you and we're glad you had a great day. Wish we could've celebrated with you! Alex's birthday is on Saturday, so we're all about the birthday parties this week! Miss you!

pamjean48818 said...

Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday, (again). I'm happy you had fun!

Louana said...

Happy Birthday!

Anonymous said...

Hi Bri-chan.


And I was very happy because you were happy with my gift which was hand-made by my friends. :)
I hope you like them.

And thanks a lot for your invitation even I am new student and hope new friend. :P


Misty said...

HAPPY BELATED B-DAY LOVELY DIVA! It looks like it was a great one! I miss you. But I do hope you are doing well.

Misty said...

Oh yes and are you staying another year or will you be back in a couple of weeks?