Japan Time

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Darn typhoon season.

When I moved into my apartment in Japan, I noticed that my window didn't have a screen. I thought this was typical of most Japanese buildings, since the windows at my schools don't have screens either, so I didn't complain.
But the last few weeks have been so sunny and nice and I really wanted to open my window and enjoy them, but without letting a bunch of creepy Japanese bugs into my apartment. So I asked my school's manager to help me get a screen. Last week, we went to the Japanese version of Home Depot and discovered that we had to special order a screen and it would be delivered in 10 days. No problem - 10 sunny days passed by with the hope of a window screen in the near future.
The window screen arrived today.
And typhoon season has started in Japan. It's going to be rainy all week.
Waaaaaah waaaaaaah waaaaaaaaaaaaah.

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