Japan Time

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas cookies!

Christmas is almost here so that means (of course)...Christmas cookies!
I made some cookies myself the other night and decorated them like my favorite Japanese character, Mameshiba:

And today I went to my friend Ryosuke's house with Aya and we baked a ton of cookies, including peanut butter cookies with Hershey's kisses and sugar cookies. We got pretty creative with our snowman cookies and I was really impressed with the results:

So, yeah...I think I have enough to share at work tomorrow...


christain said...

your cookies is really delicious, thanks for sharing through your blog.

patrick and mandi said...

I love your cookies! I remember the peanut butter cookies you did last year in your toaster oven (right?) ...those ones look delicious, though! :) (how much time do you have left there?)

junichi said...

Thanks your cute cookies 'Mameshiba cookies'!
And I enjoyed your last lesson in 2009.
I hope to take your cool lesson in 2010!!!