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Monday, December 14, 2009


Purikura is seriously one of Japan's greatest inventions. As an American in Japan, I'm endlessly entertained by it. As a photographer, I'm highly intrigued by it.
Somehow, these intelligent purikura machines make your eyes bigger and skin whiter instantly after taking the photo. It's amazing. I mean, my eyes are big enough and my skin is white enough already, but the technology is amazing. How do they do it?
And of course, besides the technical aspects, it's just good clean fun.

So I searched "purikura" online and found a website that allows you to get somewhat of the purikura experience. Here's a photo of me, Noriko, and Kenichi from Miho's wedding, purikura-ized:


Cute Purikura Online cute

Try it out! Although, I will warn you...it is addicting.

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