Japan Time

Sunday, February 21, 2010

A fun night with a fellow foreigner, Mexican food and (of course) - purikura!

Tonight Nikki, a new (well, new-ish - she's been here for two months) teacher in a nearby city came to Fujieda for some Mexican food and hanging out. Of course, I had to introduce her to purikura - we had so much fun that we went twice, once by ourselves and then again with Aya. Then me, Nikki and Aya came back to my place, hung out and chatted about life in Japan and all that good stuff. It was really fun and I hope we can hang out again soon! Next time I'll go to Nikki's town where apparently, they have a garlic restaurant - amazing!

This purikura photo has our zodiac signs, Chinese zodiac signs, and the type of men we like! The little stamps near our faces with hearts say our types - we could choose from lots of different ones. Mine says I like "carnivore men," the opposite of "herbivore men" (in Japan, they are the current trend...guys who are intimidated by women and don't want to make the first move), Nikki's says she likes "monkey face" men (seriously, that's what it says), and Aya likes "skinny macho" men. Other options included stupid men, men with dark skin, and also "half" men - half Japanese, half Brazilian. Yeah. Definitely couldn't say that in the US without offending some people. Oh, Japan.

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