Japan Time

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Latest プリクラ! (purikura!)

I have just informed Aya that next month is Purikura Month. We will go to purikura every day (minus the weekend) for one month. I'm super excited...she's not quite sure about it.
But thinking of poses and props is challenging, so if you, dear readers, have any requests/suggestions, please leave a comment. And to my students who read this: if you want to join us, please do! We welcome any company.
がんばります!! ("We'll do our best!")


pamjean48818 said...

do you get printouts of these, like those picture booths, except postcard size????
If so, i would like acopy

one student junichi said...

Thanks for lesson of photo(last week)!
Many cameras you own are cool, I want to buy single-lens reflex camera. And the rules of thirds and framing you taught is good method! I will use them.

Yesterday's lesson of speech was exciting, but a little tired...

See you next lesson!