Japan Time

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Kind of like Wisteria Lane, but without the drama.

Fujieda's city flower is wisteria (the Japanese word for it is "fuji" which is where Fujieda gets it's name from, I'm assuming). Now that it's spring, wisteria is in full bloom all over the city; in front of houses, at the station, and at my favorite park, Rengeji (where I went to ohanami).
I went to Rengeji on Monday to check out the wisteria - and I was not disappointed at all. The park is so green with new leaves on the trees (not much of Japan is green...mostly gray and brown) and the purple wisteria really popped against it. And it smells so good, too!

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Jeannette said...

Thanks for sharing these lovely pictures! We planted a wisteria about five years ago and it has only bloomed one year...maybe it will this year! The nursery said it takes a long time for them to get established and in the habit of blooming, so I appreciate all the time/effort reflected in these pics.