Japan Time

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


When I found out I was coming back to Japan again, I knew I wanted to host any SAU students that came to Japan for the semester abroad program that I did three years ago. I was really looking forward to meeting people that attend my alma mater and experienced the same things I did when I came to Japan the first time. This past weekend, I got to meet and spend the weekend with Lori, Stephanie, and Mike, the students currently doing the SAU Japan Semester.
Stephanie has a blog, too, so we had been contacting through that and e-mail to set up a weekend when they could come visit me. I warned them in advance that my apartment is super small and we would be very cramped, but luckily, they didn't mind. They wanted to see Mt. Fuji and I hadn't been to any good lookout spots to see it up close yet, so we decided to spend Sunday after church in Fuji with Michiko, Yousuke, and Kennichi. Unfortunately, the weather wasn't very cooperative and the sky was completely overcast, so we couldn't catch anything but a very small glimpse of it.
We still had fun - we visited some waterfalls near Mt. Fuji and had ice cream, too, which is always good. And when we got back to Shimizu, we did karaoke! Stephanie, Mike, and Lori had never experienced it before, so we decided that it was a must for them to do before returning to the States. We had a great time singing along to classics like "L-O-V-E" and "Waterfalls" by TLC ('90s fabulous!).
After karaoke we went to a sushi restaurant where most everything was 100 yen. Plates of sushi made their way throughout the restaurant on a huge conveyor belt and we just picked up the ones we wanted. Then we dropped our plates down a chute next to our table that kept track of the number of sushi we ate. It was a pretty sweet set up, and even though sushi isn't my favorite food, I found some that I liked, like shrimp and cucumber rolls.
Stephanie, Mike, and Lori stayed for two nights and we had a great time. I really enjoyed laughing with them about the weird quirks of Japan and sharing stories about adventures in Chiba.


Louana said...

I didn't really like sushi until I had lunch at Kurazushi! Now it's my favorite kaitenzushi chain!

Wendy said...

You make me so happy! I wish I was an SAU student abroad in Japan. Maybe someday you will be able to host Cameron and I!