Japan Time

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Grocery shopping in Japan.

So, obviously grocery shopping here in Japan is completely different than in the States. Just thought I would share a little of what I encounter every time I go to the grocery store:

an entire section of のり (seaweed).

an abundance of tofu.

oh, look - here's something familiar!

green tea, of course.



dried fish.


more fish.

some kind of root.

very thin cucumbers.

melons that are almost $30 (or more).

many different kind of mochi (gooey rice paste).

おにぎり (onigiri) rice balls - a staple in every Japanese supermarket and convenience store.


うめぼし (umeboshi) - pickled plums. actually, they aren't that bad.

cow tongue.

pig intestines.

horse meat (for sashimi, Hiromi told me).

seashells - not for decorating. for eating.

flowers - also not for decorating.

だいこん (daikon) - Japanese radish.

ginormous grapefruits.

holy frick!

more dried fish.

American popcorn...kind of.

it's almost cherry blossom viewing time, which is huge in Japan, so many stores are now featuring "sakura" (cherry blossom) flavored things. i have no idea what cherry blossoms actually taste like, but Hiromi says it's pretty good. here is some sakura flavored ginger ale.


patrick and mandi said...

Ooohhhhh... I really am nervous if we ever get stationed in Okinawa... most of the things (well, ALL) on your little pictoral list made me throw up a little bit in my mouth!

Is there, ahem, anything from American grocery stores you might be missing? ;)

Kori said...

mmm... Looks... delicious... or something... So how much of that have you actually tried?

Laura said...

Hey Bri,
First off, I wanted to tell you how much I really appreciate you posting these pictures. It makes me feel like I am connected with your journey in Japan and it gives me an idea of what you are experiencing. And if there was something you have been missing from the US....what would it be and is it able to be sent through the mail?

Love you and the new layout. Hang tight!

Brianna said...

Kori: I've tried the less intimidating things, like nori, umeboshi, and green tea, of course! Oh, and octopus, too!

Mandi and Laura: I miss Kraft mac and cheese, those cheap instant rice packages (I think Lipton makes them, like Cheddar and Broccoli, etc.), and Smores Pop Tarts! Those things are nowhere to be found in Japan.
Oh, and Mandi, don't worry if you get stationed in Okinawa, there are always American grocery stores on military bases that import everything from the States. You'll still be able to get all that good American food!

Amie said...

A few things. Is the Sweets festival still going on in Shizuoka(as you know I have a lot of spare time)? And, they let you take pictures in a grocery store! Lastly, I haven't had pop in Japan untill 2 days ago....and the Sakura mist was the shit!

The Other Wook said...

Dear Bri, YOU are an enormous grapefruit.

Sincerely, Nate

ps. I mean this as a term of endearment.