Japan Time

Monday, March 9, 2009

"We cannot burn Mick Jagger."

On Saturday, I went to Shizuoka with Hiromi to see "Shine a Light" - a documentary by Martin Scorsese about The Rolling Stones. It was awesome. Hiromi and I were the only people singing (softly) along and clapping (also softly). I seriously need to see them in concert.

Hiromi is starting an art project that involves photos of people with important numbers in their lives and why they are important. She needed a photo of herself for the first page so she asked me to help her out. I convinced her to do a mini photo shoot in Shizuoka before the movie because I've really been missing shooting portraits. I used to love doing random photo shoots with Nessa and Donny and other models/friends and I've had no opportunity to do that here. I was really grateful that Hiromi was willing to humor her crazy photographer friend!

okay, so this is obviously not Hiromi - just a shot I got of a beggar in Shizuoka Station

This is Hiromi:

Hiromi was a great model and we had a lot of fun!


Hiromi said...

Hey, no matter what your fans in America say, I am the official biggest fan of you in Japan! I was so fortunate to have you as my photographer. Thanks darling! Now that I have the pic of myself for the 1st page of my number book, fingers crossed for my art project.

Kori said...

Your friend Hiromi is SO pretty! What a good model! What was the number for though?

Misty said...

I really love the last picture!

Misty said...

p.s. I think the idea your friend has is wonderful!

Brianna said...

Kori: Hiromi's number is the date that she started the project. :-)