Japan Time

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Of course, this means that I will be eating a lot of ramen this month, but that's fine.

I adore my Canon 5D - it's a wonderful camera and it takes awesome pictures. But I've been wanting to get a point-and-shoot digital camera for a while now because my 5D is too heavy and buly to carry around and document my every day life here in Japan. I've been needing something lighter that I can put into my purse or pocket and that's a little more discreet when I use it in public places.
So today, I finally gave in and bought a new camera - a Nikon Coolpix S600. I bought it from a second-hand store for a good price and so far, I love it. It's a whopping 10 megapixels and has a macro feature that's really great.
Here are some of my test shots from today:

I went to Shizuoka tonight for an American meal with some other teachers:

And Coldstone!

I've told some of you about the crazy toilets here in Japan...well, here's photographic proof!

There's the all-important flushing sound to mask the actual "going to the bathroom" sound (with volume adjustment even!). Then there's the spray, the bidet, and the powerful deodorizer to cover powerful smells. And my favorite part - the heat control that keeps my bum nice and warm in the winter!

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The Other Wook said...

Wow... the Japanese thought of everything! Ron has a Nikon Coolpix- a little lower end than your new one. I took it to Greece and it worked amazingly the whole time. Great little camera. Did I tell you I'm taking photo2?