Japan Time

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I would not mind doing this every weekend for the rest of the summer...

I had an amazing time yesterday!
A student has a boat and all kinds of fun water things, like jetskis and bit inflatable rafts, and I was lucky enough to be invited to spend the day boating and lounging around Izu, along with some of the student's Japanese co-workers, and a German and Canadian man living in Izu teaching English as well.
We started the day early - I had to get up at 5 am to take the train to Numazu to be picked up at 8 am. We headed to the marina and loaded all the food and drinks on boat, then started out with a long cruise from Numazu to Izu. Rob and I got to be the hood ornaments on the front of the boat, which was so fun.

We stopped near a beach and a few rock formations to do some snorkeling. It was my first time to try it and I had a lot of fun checking out the fish and other underwater-type things.

After a while, we relocated to an inlet area to go cruising around on jetskis and inflatable rafts. The main goal was to basically go so fast on the jetski that all of the people on the raft went flying off and skidding across the water like skipping stones. So fun. When I was on the raft, we got up to 85 kilometers - 52 mph!

The day went by too quickly and suddenly it was time to go back to the marina.

I definitely think this is one of the best things I've done this summer. Everyone on the boat was so nice and I really enjoyed getting to know our co-passengers. I had an incredible time just enjoying the beautiful scenery and the relaxation that only comes from being on the water. I think I would consider staying in Japan for another summer just to go boating in Izu again.

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Jeannette said...

What beautiful scenery! Looks like a great time!