Japan Time

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

More on the earthquake...

There wasn't much info on the internet about this morning's earthquake when I updated right after it happened, but I just found this video tonight:

And the picture in this article is a wall in Shizuoka that I photographed Hiromi in front of.

Apparently, in Shizuoka, there is the Tokai Earthquake theory, which says basically that about every 100-150 years, a huge earthquake hits Shizuoka. The last Tokai Earthquake was in 1854, which means the next one is expected any day now.
This is an online copy of a booklet I have here in my apartment.


pamjean48818 said...

love you and miss you. Hope everything's okay.

Kori said...

That's INSANE!!! I've never had the joy of experiencing an earthquake, it looks exciting! (kidding!) I'm glad you're alright!