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Monday, August 17, 2009

Obon Vacation - Sunday.

On Sunday, we went to Odaiba, which is a great area of Tokyo that I hadn't been to before. There were many things to see and do, including a man-made beach, European style shopping mall, and a little Hong Kong.

The first thing we found was a monkey doing tricks in a mall for a large crowd:

flying monkey!

lunch in Daiba Little Hong Kong was great - I love Chinese food and I haven't had much since I've been in Japan (no, Japanese food and Chinese food aren't much alike)

Then to Joypolis, a huge arcade/virtual reality center that's pretty well-known...even Leonardo DiCaprio's been there!

Remember Mameshiba? Well, since we found him in Hiroshima, he's been growing in popularity, and we were lucky enough to be in Odaiba during a Mameshiba convention! We were in Mameshiba heaven.

Then to Venus Fort, a European style shopping mall that was incredibly beautiful on the inside:

I really enjoyed visiting Odaiba and would like to go back to spend some more time there.

And now vacation is over and it's time to go back to work tomorrow. It's always so difficult to go back to work after a vacation, but luckily we have a four-day weekend in September so I don't have long to wait until the next one!

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Misty said...


Your vacation spot looks wonderful!!! Just wanted you to know I was thinking bout ya this week, hope all is well.