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Monday, August 17, 2009

Obon Vacation - Saturday.

On Saturday, after sleeping in, we went to Asakusa for a few hours. When I was in Japan in 2005, me and the other girls went to Asakusa three or four times because we loved it so much. I've been itching to go back since I came to Japan and was so happy to see it again on Saturday. Asakusa is a historical part of Tokyo with great shopping and lots of interesting alleys and restaurants. It so crowded and hot but still really fun.

the big temple was apparently under construction, but I saw it when I came before, so it was no big deal

a place that only sells and serves whale meat

we had to drink some ramune, which is a drink I found long ago with friends in Philadephia

the Asahi building with its beer foam that kind of looks like a carrot

Then back to Shinjuku to meet up with Hiromi. It was so great to hang out with her again! We had dinner at a great Italian restaurant, hit some arcades, and ended up on a great rooftop hangout with lots of little bars and restaurants. I loved it.

How cool is this rooftop place? The roof was open with a terrance over it and lots of great lamps, decorations, drinks and food.
Saturday was a great day with plenty of good food, beautiful sights, and fun with friends. I think the rooftop is one of the best things I've seen in Tokyo yet.

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